Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. offers its customers a wide variety of exquisite products, developed to the highest international quality standards and designed to supply all year round to our demanding market.


We provide our customers with a production rate of Chirimoyas Concha Lisa, Local Serena / Bronzed and Juliana, Eureka Lemons and BlackMission and Kadota figs. Our pomegranates of the Wonderful variety and vines of the Flame Seedless variety. our vegetables production, the variety of argentine type artichokes and Atlantic potatoes.

Our agro-industrial products, we have to your disposal the delicious artichoke funds (frozen and canned), fig (preserves and jams), marmalades and pulp of papaya and custard apple pulp.

Request an interview with our sales executives and be a part of the quality, cutting edge and priority to satisfy the needs of our consumers that characterizes Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. Ltd.
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