Development of the Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. is a company constantly seeking improvement in their processes, technology and products.

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Since its inception, Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. has been concerned to implement advanced technologies progressively in its production such as fertilizer management and active plant health programs friendly with the environment. This constant concern for the improvement has enabled us to consolidate and satisfy a customer base that is characterized by the requirement of quality products recognized worldwide.

During the last years, we have invested nearly two million dollars in major investments like the packing of custard apples and papayas with latest technology and which processes are guarded under strict international quality standards, besides the presence of irrigation tech in each of our farms and our optimal management of post harvest through modern cold rooms.

We have an updated fleet of trucks to custom clearance to our clients and with the finality of the ideal use of our crop, is heavily invested in the installation of agro-industrial area of Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda., which has complete equipment in their lines of Pulp, Canned and Frozen.

Thanks to this constant concern for the quality of our products, Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. Ltd. has been ranked nationally as one of the most important and non-traditional producers of processed fruit, as well as attracting exponentially exports to markets with high demands quality.
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