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Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. offers its customers a wide variety of exquisite products, developed to the highest international quality standards and designed to supply all year round to our demanding market.

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The key to our success and progressive growth is the production of fruits, vegetables and manufacturing untraditional in the Chilean and international market. Thus, Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. has been gradually gaining a untapped niche as the production of figs, custard apples, artichokes, lemons and grapes, as well as agro-industrial production of Artichoke (frozen and canned), canned figs, jam fig, jam and papaya pulp, and pulp of cherimoya.

We currently represent 80% of the national production of granada, 75% of the production of cherimoya and 90% of the custard apple pulp.

Our company is characterized by being constantly in the forefront of technology, environmental and agricultural production. We check each of the production processes (from planting to marketing of our products) because all the farms and orchards are owned by Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda.. In addition, we have the highest technology to process our raw material and we have achieved the most important nationals and internationals certifications that support the recognized quality of our products.

Due to the ideal weather of our estates and programming in the production of each fruit or vegetables, we ensure the distribution of our products in advance and throughout the year. Our constant concern for the health of our final customers and the search for harmony with the environment is reflected in all our products are free of pesticides and other contaminants, we work with the highest standards of production, friendly our natural environment.

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