Preserved fig comfit
Preserved fig comfit
The sugarplum is from the mixture of fresh fruit and sugar.
Preservative is added and packaged hot about 85 degrees C, retaining all the aroma and flavor conditions unchanged. During the production process is continuously monitored, with their quality control.
Confitado de higo en conserva en chile
Product is designated mainly for the confectionery industry, jams and ice cream being a semi-elaborated product. Packaging type will depend on the time requirement of each customer. Once packed and sealed the package is subjected to a sterilization process in an automated auto key ensuring the process.

The Fig is processed and sold as raw material is one of our flagship products, this is a result of specialization in the marketing of nontraditional fruits and vegetables of HC Agricultural Society Ltd. We provide to our customers and fig jam fig preserves of the BlackMission and Kadota varieties.

Referring to our fig preserves, we dispatched both in bottle and in tin can. After sealing the containers, is performed a heat treatment at 100 ° C for 60-30 minutes before being cooled slowly to move to the freezing tunnel where the product is kept at -18 ° C (both preserved as jam).

For coverage of canned Figs, we use syrup and it’s duration in a cool dry place is about 3 to 4 years.
Format Weight Ingredient
Figs in syrup Jar 819 c.c / 400 grs.
Tin canA-8 2500 grs. / 1250 grs.
overage of syrup, fruit, sugar, selected figs.
  INGREDIENTS : Figs, sugar, citric acid, potassium sorbate
  Confitado de higo en conserva en chile
FLAVOR : Characteristic of the fruit.
ODOR : Characteristic of the fruit.
COLOR : Brown


pH : 4,0 ± 2 
º Brix : 40º






Candied Fig



12 each.

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