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The Agro-industrial area of our company is preceded by an agricultural tradition of more than two decades, in addition to quality, prestige and excellent positioning of Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. in the national and international market.

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The Agro industrial area of Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. has the highest technology in production and processing of their products, with a pulp line, a line of Canned and other Frozen line with leading-edge equipment.

Each product produced by our area of Agro industrial passes through a strict quality control from the time that the product is developed to its delivery. Traceability is one of our characteristics. Each fruit we process is produced in our farms, so our professional plant is capable of knowing the origin and quality of each of the processed fruits.

Before the delivery of each product its goes through a process called Guard. Each product must pass by a microbiological and quality analysis to be delivered in good condition to our customers.

Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. has invested more than 400 million pesos in this operation, and since its inception, growth and investment in technology has grown by 150%

Currently the production of agro-industry is fully bent in the internal market with a production capacity per year approximately; Cherimoya pulp (42,121 kg), Grape Juice (42.000lt), Fig Pulp (8,600 kg), Higo Frozen (52,902 kg), frozen artichoke (640,000 kg).

Starting in 2010 are expected to enter the international market, focusing mainly in the Latino market.

Empresa Agrícola HC Ltda. employs 25 people at the factory and about 70 others in the activities associated with the project (field). 7 are the people who work at the plant.

The first relates to the processing room, where there is staff to select and peel the raw material as appropriate, then the product enters the mill where it seeks to separate the fruit pulp from the seed, the mill has two positions, one for pulp and one seed, then enters the coarse sieve to remove seeds and peel, and finally goes to where it leaves the pulp refining.

From here the pulp is sent to a cone (up to 180kgs), Then when pumped it goes to the mixer machine, where the product is formulated, and finally packaged in a previously selected format. The second area is the freezing tunnel where the product goes to -18 ° C. The third is the packaging area where the product is ready on the package chosen earlier, plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, cans, etc.
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